Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spaghetti Marinara Sizzelini

Me & my favret dish..

Last Sunday i went to one my favret dining spot.. Michaelangelo. Located in busy area aka.. kawasan org lalu lalang @ Pavilion.

Spaghetti Marinara Sizzelini.. well cooked n sizzle in hot pan, without wine ok.. when i looked at the glamorous menu, its contains wine... so i asked the lousy (kekwat) waiter to take out the wine from my dish.. giler apa aku nak masukkan wine..

It taste soooo good with 2 huge prawns, squids and mussels... arrgghhh... I'm a seafood lovers, so what else do i need rite.. hehehehe. Lupakan kejap pasal gout.. sakit baru cari ubat. Atau pun mintak Dr. Captain Elly inject... hahaha.sebelum hang berkhidmat ke Lubnan.. buat la bakti kat kengkawan ek..

Back to my menu.. The price slightly higher than Soft Crab Spaghetti... (which is also my favret) but its full of seafood and less spicy than the other one... Its a must try item when u guys stop by for lunch or dinner..

Before that, the appertizer is Sweet Potato with Onion Soup.. sorry tak sempat snap pic.. I was hungry like hell at that time.. Duuh.. And free coffee.. coz its a lunch promotion.. So i still can save my money rite.

btw.. its a nice place for lunch with good views... hehehehe

so here i present u.. Michelangelo's!

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