Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Misteri Bisto M.H.

hurm... this kinda weird n scary... but i feel sorry for my fren who just jumped into this biz world. He's one of my good fren in Kuantan & started his SME bisnes.. hehehe.. naahh.. just a lil warung/restaurant.. but we called it BISTRO to make it more interesting n fun place to chill out. For the past few weeks, we always hang out.. gossiping, scanning.. or should i say "be his daya penarik" to his lil nasi ayam shop in this small town... bila nak naik taraf bandaraya tatau la?? The M.H Bistro main menu?

Nasi Ayam

Curry Mee

Mee Soup

After a month this guy gigih skip all those "job", job yang kadangkala dari jauh.. job dari panggilan tempatan.. just to concentrate on his new bistro but the biz going very slow compare to the first few weeks operation. We saw the customer lesser than before and bistro looks quiet wihtout any newcomers to try his tasty nasi ayam, mee kari or mee sup.. even titbits or drinks.

One day.. he closed his biz for a while and searched for the solution.. He checked the menu, spy on the next door warung which is almost full at all time, reduced the price, meals promotion etc.. and he decided to try another problem solver.. jeng! jeng! jeng!

hehehe... no way!!!

aiyyo.... scary!!

NO WAY!!!... he hehe.... he just travel lite lite pegi kampung and searched for his problem solver, mungkin untuk dapatkan sikit nasihat @ pandangan.. so this guy drove for a about an hour..
and met this pak haji.. pak haji ni maybe terrer la sket part tengok2 kan apa yg berlaku kat kedai dia...
In his meeting sessions.. pak haji ni informed to my fren.. "something happened" to his bistro..

then he asked? apa pak haji...?

this is what goes out from pak haji's mouth...

Tuu diaaa.....

Pak haji tu ckp... ada something like this keeps running around his shop..maybe ada yg berniat tak baik kot.. cuba jatuhkan biznes dia... Naahh.. Terduduk la my fren tu bila dengar kata pak haji tu..

Its like a young green boy running around... ntah tak tau cari apa... So no wonder.. i heard someone said they didn't even notice any new stall/warung/bistro whatsoever running a bisnes during nightime except the well known warung next to my fren's shop.. Duuhh...

Masih ada org yg nak dengki time2 macam ni... i feel sorry to my fren. Now skrg ni dia tengah pulihkan keadaan bistro dia.. rest for a while.. jgn ko cari "JOB" sudaahhh... kat Le' Padang ker apa ker.. hehehe

btw..No worries.. We'll still support u.. hope ur bistro will survive for a long time bro.. Yeaahhh..
hopefully your bistro will success... amin

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